Why You Might Not Be Ready to Self Publish an eBook Yet!

Self publishing opens up a world of opportunities and possibilities. It offers writers the chance to try out their abilities and see whether they can make it. But just because you have a book written does not mean that you are ready to self publish an eBook. It takes a lot of work, and if you don’t take it seriously, your eBook will likely join the masses of other unread volumes filling up the listings.

You Think Self Publishing is a Shortcut


“Self publishing may not be as easy as you think”

The first sign that you might not be ready to self publish an eBook yet is if you think that self publishing is a shortcut. The average time between acceptance and traditional publication ranges from nine months to two years. In some cases, this time span lengthens because some books are put on the back burner, but most of the time the reason that it takes so long is because the book must be edited, polished, prepared, and set up properly. You should not take self publishing as a shortcut. Your eBook should go through almost as many stages as a regular published eBook.
In fact, Writer’s Weekly actually recommends that if you choose to self publish eBooks, you spend just as much time as a traditional publishing house. Most of that time should be spent in editing and fine-tuning the actual content. You should also be using the time to develop your platform and marketing plans. When you self publish, you are in charge of everything, and the final product is your responsibility. You can hire services to assist you with the different aspects of preparation, but at the end of the day, it’s still on your shoulders.

You Have No Marketing Plan or Platform Established

Certain services like Siminars.com combine self publishing with a platform. Most do not. But the fact is that if you have no marketing plan or platform established, you should hold off on publishing your eBook. You can choose from any number of services to self publish eBooks, but you still have to develop a marketing plan and platform.

Many writers turn their noses up at the thought of advertising and marketing. After all, it does not sound like the sort of thing that Charles Dickens or Ernest Hemmingway would have done. It’s hard to say whether they would have avoided giving interviews or promoting their books in today’s busy world, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you want your eBook to be a success, you’re going to have to market it. Over 100,000 eBooks were self published in 2011. That averages out to approximately 273 new eBooks published each day, and that’s on the low end. It doesn’t even taken into account the number of traditionally published books and eBooks. To make your eBook stand out, you have to make sure that you give people a reason to notice it.


“Marketing your eBook without a plan can be difficult”

The actual marketing practices that you use depend largely on your eBook and the target audience. Blue Ink Review maintains that a social media presence and website are a must for any author, regardless of the audience. Before you decide to self publish an eBook, you should already be considering the ways that you can build hype and buzz. Think beyond just reviews. Consider blog rolls, social media content campaigns, seminars, free courses, giveaways, and contents. Don’t forget to tap into your hometown resources as well. Published authors can still make a bit of a splash in their hometowns. Send out a press release to your local newspaper, and make sure to get your friends and family members involved. Think beyond just the moment though and the initial release and consider what you can do to keep the momentum going and building.

You Do Not Think a Traditional Publisher Would Ever Be Interested in Your Book


“Do not under estimate the growth of your eBook”

If the reason you think you want to self publish eBooks is because you don’t think a traditional publisher would ever be interested in them, then stop right there. Ask yourself why a traditional publisher wouldn’t be interested in your books. Just because you cannot get published through a traditional publisher does not mean that your book is worthless, but you do need to make sure you understand why a traditional publisher is not interested in your book.
If your book is poorly written, poorly researched, or otherwise lacking in quality, then self publishing an eBook is a bad idea. Self publishing opens up an avenue for success, but it does not guarantee it. You need to make sure that you have a quality product. Keep working on it, and only consider yourself publishing options once you have gotten it into good shape.
If your book does not have a target market, then you should hold off on publishing it as well. Marketing forms a crucial component of all successful self publishing endeavors. You have to make sure that your eBook has a specific market in mind so that you can be effective in your marketing efforts. According to Writer’s Digest, one of the main reasons that well written books do not get agents or publishers comes from the fact that the authors cannot articulate a precise target market. You have to know who your book is targeted at so that when you self publish it, you can make sure that you get it to the people who are going to be most interested in it. Self published eBooks require just as narrowly tailored a market as a traditionally published book.


“Know your target audience beforehand”

If your book is well written but has a very narrow target audience, then self publishing is a much better idea. Narrow target audiences can spell great success for you but not enough to attract the interest of a traditional publishing house. A narrow target audience is typically an audience that has less than a few million participants worldwide. While that may sound like a lot of potential readers, Writer’s Digest warns that only a fraction of a target audience actually reads, so that actually translates to only a few hundred sales, if that. Regional or locale specific books often fall into this category as well. You can use some of the good tips on promotion which are mentioned here: http://ebookselfpublishingsecrets.net/how-to-self-publish/open-siminar-ebook-guide/. A thorough market research is vital before you plan to self publish your eBook.

You Have Not Gotten Any Feedback

Some writers decide to self publish an eBook because they want to satisfy that dream of being a published author. But when they do this, they send out a book for publication that they have not gotten any feedback on. As frightening as it might seem to subject your eBook for criticism, it will improve because of it.


“It is important to get real feedback from your near and dear ones”

You can join a number of writing groups and services to get free feedback. Writing.com, Critique Circle, and even local writers’ groups and colleges can give you vital feedback. Take the time to get their input. Just remember that you’ll be expected to help other writers improve their work. The criticism may be harsh, but you can use that criticism to make your eBook stronger and ferret out weaknesses that could otherwise undermine your credibility and your authority with your readers. It may add a few months to the development of your eBook, but it will be significantly stronger because of the feedback and improvements.

Casual Encounters Ads: What to Write to Get What You Want

There are many free dating services out there, but you might find that they have too many clingy women or simply not enough looking for a fling. You might turn to “getting laid fast” websites for your hookup, but those aren’t always free and can actually end up being a scam if you’re not careful. Well what else is there? Social networking, sure, but those aren’t really built for casual sex partners. What other strategy can you use to find other adults who are just up for dating or messing around? Craigslist. This is a site used for everything from selling furniture to finding jobs to finding people. They have a section called Casual Encounters. It follows the typical m4w, w4w, m4m format, meaning that it’s a man looking for a woman, a woman looking for a woman, or man looking for a man. Depending on what type of dating you want you can put in certain information to get it. Here are some strategies for disguising your ad depending on the type of chick you want.

Make Sure She’s Old Enough


“Confirm her age first”

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that you find an adult. I know that this is jumping ahead a little bit, but you just can’t always trust the pictures that people send in. Don’t mess around with the law and get caught up on one of those underage caught on camera shows. Asking age and all of that is fine, but before you meet the lady ask for a video or webcam chat to verify that they are who they say they are. Ask them to say something personal to you or the details of where you are meeting. If they look even a little bit young, don’t be afraid to see I.D. That awkward little moment of her whipping it out is a million times better than going to the slammer for a piece of jail bait. Once you’ve figured out that this is a grown-ass woman you are dealing with, you’re good to go.


“Make sure that you put Casual dating in bold in your Ad”

If you’re looking for just a fling, then list “casual dating” as a keyword here. Mention that you aren’t ready to settle down and are just looking for some fun. This will get it across that you are down for sex and hanging out, really. There’s not much else it could mean. List some dates or scenarios that you would have fun with to make sure that she is compatible with what you’re looking for. Anything that doesn’t mesh isn’t really worth it when you’re looking for something so simple.

If you’re down for a full on “let’s be together forever” starter date, don’t list that immediately. The only types of women that will attract are ones that have been left at the Alter a few times or ones that will collect your hair while you sleep. Unless you’re really, really ready for that, don’t even go there. Plus, how weird is it to say you are looking to fully commit and then go off of just a simple box of text to base whether that’s something that you really want to do with that person? Very weird, is the answer. What you can say is that you aren’t just on the market for a fling and you’re looking for someone who is a little bit more serious. That’s just putting it out there that yeah, let’s do more than just bang on the first date, but let’s also see where this thing goes. Once they start flooding your inbox with date suggestions or phone numbers, check out number one and then proceed. It’s important not to just judge on looks at this point. It would be different if you were just trying to hit it and quit it, but you’re looking for a bit more at this point. So pick someone who’s on your attractiveness level (be careful of the super hot ones, it could be a trap) and read what they have to say. Unless they are totally opposite to what you’re looking for, give it a shot. She might be a world champion in chugging beer or something else really cool, and you would have never known otherwise. Go on all the dates and make your decision from there.


“Let her know if you are just looking for a one night stand”

If you’re looking for a one night stand then it will take some tact to list this. Craigslist has a no sex soliciting rule, so you’ll have to change your strategy to get yourself a consensual ‘adult date’. One way to say you’re d.t.f. without actually saying it is to either go with option two and say that you are looking for a fling, and then in person really obviously hint (or flat out say) that you are only wanting a jump off. Another route to go would be to list that you are a photographer looking for nude models. This is purely an art form and nothing else will be involved. Make up some fancy name for a project that you are working on and mention that you are trying to build your rep so no money will be exchanged. In actuality, it’s like you’re getting a free hooker. If the girls do end up showing up and they are actual models, then go ahead and take some pictures of them and act it up. Then after that you can get your full mack on and try to get them in the bedroom. If they say yes, awesome. If they think you’re some sort of pig and storm out, then whatever. It’s not as if you are an actual photographer whose reputation would be on the line. You can remove the Casual Encounters ad if she has a hissy fit over it or you can just leave it up and see if anyone else is down. She might report you, to which you can say that you did actually get some wonderful shots and that was what was agreed. You had never expected anything else and didn’t harm her in anyway. You’re just a ladies’ man, like Don Juan.


“Go for a fling with a beautiful woman to fulfill your wildest desires”

If you are looking for someone who is down for all of the weird stuff that you do, it’s best to try to find someone for a fling. Now, if you are wondering where to get a fling, we would suggest you to go for online dating sites. But beware of the adult friend finder scam, visit http://flingtacticsguide.com/site-reviews/adultfriendfinder/ and read aff.com review before choosing the site as your fling finder. Once, you find your fling partner, slowly work in the fetish that you have as things start getting hot and heavy. If she finds it too weird, you aren’t losing much. But if she’s down to at least try it then you’re in luck. However, if you really don’t want anything more than just banging, then use the artist line from number three. You can also change it to say that you are an alternative artist who does latex shooting, bondage shots, or whatever else. That way you narrow your market down to what you’re looking for and don’t have to sift through conventional models to get to them.

It’s important when putting this thing together to be careful of your wording. Prostitution is illegal and that’s not what you’re going for, but some could misconstrue it that way. Avoid using words that are even related to sex and use a separate email address for them to contact you, if possible. That just makes it easier to keep track of any conversations or hits you might have gotten from the website.

Addressing Common Reasons Students Refuse to Sign Up for a Course Even When You Have the Best eLearning Tools

“Get more students to sign up for your online course”

“Get more students to sign up for your online course”

Crafting a fantastic eLearning course, complete with the best eLearning tools, is only the first part of a successful information product development strategy. You have to make sure that students sign up for your course as well. Sometimes, information developers struggle to understand why they don’t have students lining up to get access to their courses. After all, the course has insightful information, cutting edge research, fantastic exercises, and everything else a student could want. Now, we have compared the tools and found out the best among them. Visit bestelearningplatforms.com and check out the best eLearning tools available on the internet.
If you constructed a great course but are having problems getting students to sign up, you probably have a marketing or communication problem. These types of problems are fairly easy to address, but you need to make sure that you find the actual reasons your students don’t want to pay for your course. Here are some of the most common ones, and ways to address these problems.

Not Worth the Money

“Students won’t sign up, if they think it’s not worth the money”

“Students won’t sign up, if they think it’s not worth the money”

One of the biggest reasons that students don’t sign up for paid eLearning courses generally comes down to money. If they can’t see how your course is worth their money, they’re not going to hand it over. While eLearning strategies have certainly come a long way in the past few years, the one disadvantage that eLearning courses have is that they are generally not accredited by actual universities and colleges. While this does mean that most eLearning courses can be offered at significantly lower rates without any dilution of content or value, it also means that students who might want to develop a specialization in a particular field will not be able to use the course to advance their career goals through obtaining a degree.
Despite research from the Hanover Research Council, many people tend to view online courses as having less value than traditional courses. Part of this comes from the fact that anyone can put together an online course, slap price tag on it, and sell it to the masses. The brilliance of the market creates one of the disadvantages that you must overcome. You have to demonstrate to your students how this course is worth the money you are asking them to pay. You can accomplish this by explaining in detail how all of the components of the course provide value. Break it down. You might not be able to include all of this in your primary promotional pieces, but you can include it on your webpage and other longer sales letters.

Not Worth the Time

“Time in imperative in a student’s life”

“Time in imperative in a student’s life”

The only other commodity more valuable than money is time. People today have less time than ever it seems. Despite the fact that numerous apps and electronic devices are intended to make life simpler, Psychology Today reports that most people feel more harried than ever before. Demands on time have increased, and people’s expectations of themselves also increased.
To get over this type of hurdle, you must demonstrate why the course is worth the time that your students will invest. Unlike money, you can’t give a refund on time. It can help sometimes if you give information on how much time they can expect to put into the course, and then make sure that you connect that time with the benefits that they will achieve. Demonstrating how the course is actually a positive investment can go a long way in overcoming this objection.

Not Clear on the Benefits

In some cases, your students may actually be interested in paying money for your course and even feel that they can invest the time required. But they might not be willing to purchase your course because it’s not clear what benefit they can obtain from the course. Don’t rely on the fact that you used the best eLearning tools or cutting edge course production programs. If you can’t articulate the precise benefits that your students can expect to receive from the course, you’re likely to lose them.
In effective marketing, you must find ways to connect the benefit to the customer’s emotions. Emotion based advertising tends to be more effective, and to accomplish it, you need to focus on one key emotion or image that you can connect to the customer or in this case the student. Describe the precise benefits that can be obtained, and use language that persuades. You must cause the student to realize the value that this course holds.

Not Clear on the Authority

“Customers want an authority figure to trust”

“Customers want an authority figure to trust”

At other times, the reason that your students don’t want to take your course is because they don’t know who you are. They’re asking why should they take your course when they can take just about anybody else’s course online. At this point, you must make sure that you have detailed your various credentials and your reasons for being an expert or at least a suitable instructor for this course. Generally, tooting your own horn is not a good practice. But when it comes to providing your educational credentials in demonstrating why you should be viewed as an appropriate instructor , you need to give the students certain assurances.
Take the time to include a biography on your course as well as on your main page. Include all of the relevant credentials and reasons that you are the right person to teach this course. Work in those same credentials throughout your marketing promotional pieces as appropriate to be persuasive.

Not Clear on What Makes Your Courses Different

With so much competition out there, it’s little wonder that your students may struggle to decide between one course and another. What may make this decision harder for them is when it’s not clear what makes your courses different from your competitors’ courses. Here you must make sure that you differentiate yourself. It’s not a good idea to state explicitly how you differ from another course by comparing your course to back one unless you are convinced that yours will objectively rank better. Instead, the research competitors’ courses and look for ways that you can improve your own and differentiate what you have to say.

Not Clear on the Actual Purpose

Sometimes the reason that students don’t sign up for courses has nothing to do with whether or not you use the best eLearning tools or whether you even have an attractive interface and promise great benefits. In some cases, it’s as clear as the fact that the course does not have a clearly stated purpose. Make sure that it’s clear from the beginning what this course is about and what the student can expect to achieve.

In some cases, this relates closely to the benefits. But the purpose is even more explicit and brief than the benefits. When a potential student looks over your class summary, he should understand from the beginning what the course is about and what the basic purpose is. Generic and broad titles such as “Internet Marketing” may seem like they will appeal to multiple key audiences, but the purpose of the course is not nearly so precise or clear as a course title that says “Successful Facebook and Twitter Posts and Link Sharing Techniques for Internet Marketing in 2013.”

Avoid the Dating Site Blues


“Get returns out of your investment in online dating”

Online dating is supposed to open up an avenue of unexpected opportunities and connections. However, sometimes it feels like you put yourself out there into the world and get a whole lot of nothing in return. You spend a few days looking for the best adult personal sites, but when you finally settle on one, the dates fail to roll in like you’d hoped. It can be easy to get down and discouraged when this happens, and that’s understandable. What you need to do is read the reviews of websites and Compare Adult Personals Sites With Our Time Saving Review Grid. Find out about the best adult personal sites and minimize your chances of rejection. We understand that rejection can be tough. However, it might not be you: it could be how you play the game. There’s no reason to let even the best adult personal sites get you down; there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself on top of the world even while you look for love online!

Spruce Up Your Profile to Make a Splash


“Make your profile look amazing”

This seems like an obvious solution, but it’s surprising how easy it is to overlook. What’s even more surprising is that you don’t have to spend ages and ages pouring your heart and soul into this profile in order to make a big impact with your profile! The first and perhaps biggest improvement you can make is to always upload a photo. If you’re not the kind of guy who goes around snapping selfies, that’s fine; you should have a couple dozen pictures lying around your social media page anyway. Even if you haven’t uploaded any yourself, check your mom’s page, or your friends’, or your friends’ girlfriends’. In this day and age, the pictures exist somewhere. Yeah, some of these won’t be the most flattering shots; take your pick, though, and upload the “least terrible” to the site. Even a lousy picture is better than no picture at all, and you know why? The best adult personals sites all have a “only show those with photo” option in the search functions. If you don’t include a picture, thousands of potential dates will never even know that you exist. So remember, always have a picture.

The next best thing you can do is to actually list a couple interests under your “interests” page. The second biggest turn off is getting to someone’s page and seeing “message me if you want to know about me…” you want to make getting in contact with you easy and fun. You don’t want it to be a game of roulette where the asker risks opening a conversation with someone they really don’t want to be talking to. Imagine that you went scouring around these sites, saw that message on a gorgeous woman’s profile, and messaged her a couple times only to discover that her biggest turn-ons are full length woolen night gowns and waiting until marriage. You just wasted a lot of time—and so will anyone who messages you without knowing a thing about you. Save everyone time and hassle by just listing a couple things that make you happy, whether it’s hiking, a sports team, or your favorite beer brands.

If you really, honestly, truly can’t think of a single interest or hobby, add some things that you’d like to do. Show these potential lady friends that even though you don’t currently speak four languages and play the guitar while taking Chinese cooking classes and dancing the salsa, you’re the interesting kind of guy who wants to learn! Once you’ve taken the initiative and chucked up a photo and a couple of answers in every slot, it’s time to advance the plot.

Be Bold


“Don’t settle for less – get what you want”

Face it, even the best adult personal sites can feel like that awkward seventh grade school dance where everyone stood around eating cookies and drinking punch, too scared to ask someone to dance. Especially since women are so often taught to wait for the guy to come to them, many of these women probably feel like joining the site is as much as they can do; now, it’s time for them to play the waiting game. So basically, assume that if you’re going to talk to any women, you’re going to have to be the one initiating. Do searches and then send messages to every woman who meets your criteria. Cast your net far and wide. Here’s the trick to keeping your head up and your mind out of those self-pity gutters: don’t spend too much thought about any one girl, especially not early in the game. Don’t go to her profile and fall in love; maybe she’s an obnoxious typist, maybe she stole those cool books from her ex-boyfriend’s reading list, and maybe she just doesn’t get back to you. It happens. It’s no big deal, and that’s what you have to focus on: there are tons of other fish in the sea. Don’t even start to invest in your conversation with a woman until you’ve talked over three different days and you’ve decided to move this on and try to get a real date out of it. Otherwise, don’t sweat it.

The second part of the “be bold” requirement is to stay active on the site. Do you quit weight training after one weekend, because you’re not seeing results? Hell no! Trust your instincts here; you picked the best adult personal sites for you, and you have to put in the time and effort for it to pay off. Keep your chin up and suck up your discomfort for at least two months after you sign up. After that, you can drop it like a hot potato if it’s still not working for you, but we bet you won’t want to.

The third part of avoiding those pesky feelings of uselessness and self-doubt involve keeping your eyes open.

Real Life Is Good, Too


“Nothing can beat a real-life dating experience”

Online dating is supposed to be a great tool for you to use, but remember, it’s just that: a tool. Don’t let it take over and consume your life, and don’t get stuck on the notion that the only way you’ll find a romantic or sexual partner is through the internet. Keep your eyes peeled all the places that you normally would; the bar, the local coffee shop, a party, everywhere. Just because you haven’t met the woman of your dreams in real life yet doesn’t mean that you can’t—unless you stop looking! Seeing all the potentials all around you is a good way to bolster your spirits if the internet fish just aren’t biting on this particular day.

Secondly, in order to increase your likelihood to look around you, don’t be on the internet 24/7. Sure, it might be fun to strike up an instant chat conversation with a hottie, but save that for a limited amount of time in the evening. Check your messages twice a day: once in the morning, when you check your email and floss your teeth (be real, you totally do these at the same time at least sometimes), and reply to anyone who messaged you back during the wee hours of the morning. Then, skip the internet crushes and stick to real-world women until later than evening, when you get online, send out your new messages to the next batch of potential chicks, and chat with anyone who’s online and willing to talk. Limiting your time is the best way to avoid over-investment, and thus keep up your spirits.

Simple tricks to solve simple tasks! Keep your head held high, your time management under control, and be the bold initiator of conversation, and the time you put into the best adult personal sites will totally and completely pay off! Soon ‘the internet’ will be added to your chick-meeting arsenal, and it’ll be a breeze from there on out.

Player What: How to Meet Married Women


“Married women also need someone to satisfy them sexually”

You don’t want to settled down and get married. You don’t even want a relationship of your own at all. In fact, all you want is to party. Don’t miss out on one of the very best ways to get dirty and get out without any of that relationship fuss. Date girls who are married. Hot under the collar and neglected married women have given us some of the best nights of our lives. Hell, most of them don’t even want to go out on a date. They just want to have some attention and their husbands aren’t doing the job anymore.
One man’s loss is another man’s gain, after all. So what do you do in order to pick up a girl who already has a ring on it? It’s easier than you think. See, chicks are all keyed up to get married at first and have babies, but really, for the most part, that’s practicality speaking. They want security from a man that won’t be able to divorce them without losing big. That means that they already have their money and their lifestyle handled. All they need is someone to throw down on them every once and a while. So sit back and get ready for cougar town with our guide to meeting married women. Visit meetwomentactics.com and read Our Tactics for Meeting Married Women with Online Dating Sites. Meeting married women has now made easy.

Hit the Web


“There are a lot of websites to hunt for married women”

Believe it or not there are a ton of websites where women who are already married are searching for a younger man to take care of the hard work that their husbands have been neglecting. They don’t need to be wined and dined; they just need to know that you’ve got it where it counts. When you are trying to meet married women, you need to adjust your profile accordingly. Explain that you’re really just out to have a good time and you aren’t looking for anything serious. Talk about how much you love to get a woman off and how you’re really just into the dating thing so you can enjoy pleasing a woman for a night. We are going to drill it into your head that married chicks are interested in sex. They want to meet you at a hotel, get laid, then they want to be on their way. Making sure that your profile says you are down for this is going to attract them.


“Use high quality dating websites to search for married women on the internet”

BE AWARE THAT THIS WILL TURN A LOT OF GIRLS OFF. But you’re not looking to date a girl; you want to hop into bed with a married woman. By showing off that you know how to make a woman happy in bed and saying that you don’t want anything serious, you’re going to be very attractive to the married set. If you want to look for a girl in her twenties or keep to looking for a steady date, either make a separate profile or better yet, use a different dating site entirely. We tend to keep one site for hookups and three for regular looking for dates. What one we use depends on the mood that we’re in.

Show off your Goods


“Married women expect you to talk about sex”

When you are meeting up with married women for fun, they are looking for one thing. They want to get off. Things that will creep out or turn off younger girls are just what married women want. Younger chicks want to know that you’re a man that can provide them with a good time and can cover the tab when they’re looking to party. They want a man that is going to be steady and provide for them and they do NOT want a man that is focused on sex. Direct mentions of sex tend to turn younger and unmarried women off. It puts pressure on them to perform and they don’t like that. Instead, they want to have a man that woos them and gently coaxes them into bed.
Married women want to cut to the chase. They want to see what you’re working with and they want to know what to expect when they meet you. They don’t care about your bio, your job, or anything except what you can do for them. And if you’re like us, you want to do a lot. Trust us, the last thing they want to do is fall in love and really, we don’t want to either. They’re the ones that are looking for pictures of you without a shirt on. May as well put that picture where they can reach it easily.

Be Polite


“Show her that you love her”

Married women see sex as a transaction. They’re more mature and a whole lot less romantic than girls in their twenties. These babes are ready to party and that’s all they want from you. However, if you’re going to be insulting with a married hottie or insulting, she’s going to kick you to the curb. Remember, she knows her way around the block and she is damn well aware that she’s prime material on the hookup circuit.
A married woman is a no strings attached no holds barred sexual interaction. If you’re not pleasing her in any way, shape, or form, you are 100% replaceable. Trying to get her to believe otherwise is a waste of both of your times. Remember this before you remember anything else. She’s not looking for love and she won’t believe a word out of your mouth. She just wants laid.

Remember Who is Boss When younger women are looking for love they want a dude who is in charge. When a woman is married she is calling the shots. She says when you can meet up and what she wants to do. Remember, you’re really just showing up to get some and then be on your way. She doesn’t want you to wine and dine her and she really doesn’t want to talk about her home life. This is our favorite thing about meeting married women. They want to cut right to the chase. The case is in your pants, if you get our drift.


“Do not ask her for a divorce”

Also, don’t try to tell her that you’re going to whisk her away from her husband or anything like that. If you do pull shit like that, trust us, she’s not buying it. And if it’s the last thing you do, you don’t want to fall for a married woman. They’re not going to be into loving you back. She wants you for one thing and one thing only. You shouldn’t be surprised if she’s not there when you wake up in the hotel in the morning.
However, you should also not be surprised to find out that she paid for it.
Meeting married women is as easy as logging onto the correct website and filling out the correct profile information. However, you have to be aware that the rules are totally different for married chicks. You do not want to pretend that you are going to save them from a boring marriage. These babes are not looking for ″true love″ they got their already. All they want is sex. Remember that married women will look for different things in a profile than single ones and younger ones. It’s also important to remember that you need to let a married woman call the shots. She’s not going to let you run the show. The good news with married chicks is that not only are they only in it to win it, they’re likely to pay for the whole shebang.

So We Hear You Want to Lose Some Weight


“Get ready to lose some weight”

It’s not uncommon to want to lose weight in this day and age. There’s a weight loss commercial on every few minutes, boasting the success stories of people who lost weight in the blink of an eye. So now here you are, ready to jump into the weight loss game.The question is: where do you start?

Now, if you are considering fat burners for losing weight then you need to compare fat burners first, to find the best fat burning powders among them. There are several other ways to tackle weight loss as well, be it out in public at a gym or joining a group, or in the privacy of your own home. You can pay for a monthly membership, follow the top ten lists of magazines, or even search for aerobics videos via Hulu and other television services. Heck, you can even use video games to help in your weight loss, from actual exercise games to something more subtle, like dancing.

All of these options may sound amazing, but it can also be overwhelming. How are you supposed to know where to start when there are so many starting points?It’s getting to the point where it’s getting hard to even know what to eat when trying to lose weight.Fat free?Low carb?Gluten free?Which yogurt is best?Greek?Yoplait?

You’re probably already tired from just thinking about all of this. And, who says that all of these things will work for you?

Fat Burners and You


“Use fat burner pills to help you reach your goal of losing weight”

You’re flipping through the television one evening and you see it. It’s that one weight loss commercial that talks about those pills you’ve heard about. Take these pills and you’ll lose weight in a few short weeks.The results are all over the screen.That man is holding up a large shirt that he can’t fit anymore.The shirt looks more like a blanket and the man has never looked so happy.That lady now fits into the deep red dress she’s been trying to squeeze into.There’s a spokesperson showing off charts and graphs that illustrate the stomach’s progress from chubby to thin thanks to these pillows.

You’re anxious to grab your phone and call now because fat burners seem like the perfect solution.With just a pill or two before a meal, the weight will be gone in a few weeks’ time.But don’t grab your phone just yet. Let us help you find the best fat burners for you.We’re going to review what fat burners are, what they do and how to decide which burner is the one that will benefit you the most.

Do These Pills Really Work?


“The pills will only work if you continue your diet and exercise”

Well, depending on how you approach it, it may be too good to be true. No, fat burners do not make you lose weight. Once you start taking them you aren’t going to see the weight melt away in minutes. The commercials make it sound like all you need are a few pills and nothing else. This isn’t true. You still need keep up with the physical activity and eat healthier foods. There hasn’t been a diet invented yet that will truly keep your weight down without a healthy, active lifestyle backing it up.

So What Do Fat Burners Do to Help You Lose Weight?


“Fat burners increase your body’s metabolism rate”

Fat burners are incredibly helpful in the weight loss process. There are three key things that they do, and each component will help you lose weight. The first thing they do is increase your metabolism. Metabolism determines the rate that the body burns its calories and how quickly the body will shed away extra pounds.In the beginning, when you start working at losing weight, you will see that you lose weight rather quickly anyway.This is because the heavier you are, the higher your metabolism. So those wonderful ads where someone talks about losing a lot of weight in a few short weeks? That’s normal, because your metabolism is higher at that time. Fat burners keep up the high metabolism, so your weight loss can be steady and progressive. If you’re already on a weight loss plan and have hit a plateau, adding a fat burner can kick your metabolism over it.

The second thing fat burners do is increasing the body’s energy level. When you start exercising, fat burners will increase the energy you have going into it. This will make exercise easier; because you’ll have the energy for it. Most fat burners have ingredients that help boost energy, ideally without a quick crash at the end.

The last thing fat burners do is suppress your appetite.Fat burners will send a message to your brain, telling you that you aren’t hungry.Do you feel the urge to eat whenever you see good food? Fat burners will calm those urges and help you create a steady, healthy diet.

These three key things are what make fat burners worth the investment when it comes to weight loss.While you can’t take them and drop pounds overnight, they will help you get to where you want to be with your weight.

What Fat Burners Should Be Used? Are They Safe?


“Find out if fat burners are safe for you or not as they are not FDA approved”

These are the most important questions when it comes to fat burners.What are the best fat burners, and are these pills safe to take?

Like any drug, fat burners can be dangerous to take if you’re not careful about it.Do your research and review the information available.As tempting as it may be to call that number right this second, don’t. Just like the several diets and exercises for weight loss, the same goes for fat burners.There is an endless number of pills out there for you to look at, do not grab the first fat burner you see.It’s not about finding the best fat burners, it’s about finding the fat burner that’s best for you and what you want to accomplish. Are you just trying to lose a few pounds or several? Is there a certain area of your body you want to focus on? Each fat burner is different, and each fat burner works to accomplish something different.

If you have any serious medical conditions you certainly want to be careful with fat burners. Read up on what’s out there and the known side effects for each brand out there. Don’t just check the information on each product; check out the reviews out there. The information is readily available and, if it’s not, it would be best to look at a different fat burner. Legit fat burners such as “Halo Youbeslim,” Green Coffee Bean Mix,” and, “5-HTP Max” will have extensive websites with plenty of information to read.This will help you decide, which burner is best for you.

Final Thoughts

Despite all of this information the main point is this: fat burners are for assistance, they are not the core answer to weight loss. You are not going to lose weight with just fat burners alone, but they are an extremely helpful resource – when used correctly. Their purpose is to make weight loss easier and less stressful. There are already plenty of things to consider when losing weight, fat burners aren’t there to make things harder. Be sure to find the supplement that works for you.Be aware of the side effects that can happen. Visit websites, read reviews, and make a decision that you will be happy with.

7 Surprising Facts About The Live Cam Industry

“Live cam industry is vast and thriving business”

“Live cam industry is vast and thriving business”

If you take a look at the best cam site options that you could get into you might notice that many of these cam sites will include their own particular rules. These places will include specific rules that relate to what people can get done in order to get on the sites. These regulations are used in many of the best cam site spots because they involve the need to regulate the things that can be done on such a site.

Several different things come into getting the live cam industry running well. These regulations are used in America to make sure all sites are run right while also keeping these sites fully functional. These regulations include many points that involve making sure women are legal and are safe to use without having them show off any dirty things that they might have.

Only One Can Go on a Cam at a Time

“One Girl per webcam”

“One Girl per webcam”

The first fact about the industry is that many places require women to make sure that they are the only people who are going to show up on their cameras at a given time. This means that they cannot be shown having sex with others in any way. This means that there is a need to make sure the woman is able to function with good sexual moves in mind.

Some places will allow multiple people to be on a cam at once but this is not always commonplace. Still, it is a term that is worth looking because it relates so much to what women can really do. The only way how multiple women can show up on a cam at once is if a site actually allows all these women to go on a site at the exact same time.

Full Identity Checks Must Be Used

The second fact is that the industry requires the women who are on these sites to be fully checked with regards to their identities. This includes making sure that people are going to be old enough to actually be good enough to be online. All women must be legal age if they’re to be online. In addition, these checks must be used to make sure that the best women are to be online without worrying about people possibly lying over who’s online.

Personal Info Can’t Be Released

The women who are on these best cam sites must make sure that they do not reveal their identities to anyone. What this means is that they cannot just say anything about what they are or what they do for a living. They have to keep under some kind of veil to make sure their identities are as safe as possible. In addition, these women are often asked to use aliases when talking about themselves or promoting themselves to other people. They can still use a simple single name to identify themselves with but that does not necessarily mean that every woman is going to identify herself in a particular manner.

Every Woman Must Be Clean

“Women should be disease free”

“Women should be disease free”

Although the women on a best cam site aren’t going to be in physical contact with the people they are performing for, they are still not allowed to actually record themselves if they are dirty in some way. That is, women who have STDs are not going to be invited into any of these sites. These women should be responsible and clean to where their bodies can actually perform sexual acts without them are potentially hurting other people in the process.

This is a rule for many cam sites because it makes it to the point where women are to be forced to showcase themselves as clean and safe people without trying to show anything that might make them seem inappropriate or harmful in some way. Besides, women who are not clean really need to be examined before they are even doing anything.

Don’t Ask for Information

“They will never give you the real information, so don’t ask”

“They will never give you the real information, so don’t ask”

The fifth part of how these sites are regulated is that the women who are to perform on these sites are to be quiet towards the people who are paying for this entertainment. They can listen to requests and follow through on them if they feel like it. However, they should be completely silent if they are to perform properly. These women cannot just go and speak to other people as they perform or else they will deal with a good burden of requests or questions from everyone who is watching.

In fact, the actions that a woman on a site like this should be used with regards to the audience should be similar to what is done with people in a traditional strip joint. A woman has to actively be aware of what she is doing to the men she is entertaining without going overboard in the process. She needs to let the actions that she is getting into speak for themselves if she is going to make the performance all the more memorable.

Avoid All Copyrighted Music

One of the interesting regulations to see when it comes to performing is to avoid the use of copyrighted music on these cam sites. This might sound unusual as typical strip clubs like to play music when women perform. However, the problem is that these strip clubs tend to contact music companies to get the rights to these songs so they can play them back as needed.

The fact is that a performance on a cam site technically counts as a public performance and therefore will be interpreted as an event under public law. Therefore, anyone who does play copyrighted music could get in legal trouble for doing so. Still, many sites that do have royalty-free music is willing to allow these women perform with this music in mind just to make sure they don’t break any laws when they are performing.

No Soliciting is allowed at Any Time

“She performs on her own terms, respect that”

“She performs on her own terms, respect that”

A woman who performs must make sure that she does not try to solicit other men for money as she performs. She should be engaged in certain sexual acts on her own volition on one of these sites. This is to make sure she is entertaining to everyone without being offensive in some way. This is an interesting part of performing that makes it easier for a woman to be entertaining.

There is still going to be a space where a woman can get tips from people who watch her perform. These tips will come from those who watch her perform and then click on a proper button to send money off to her. This means that she will technically be performing for these men on her own terms and the men will be the ones who choose if they are to send money. In fact, this will be consistent among many sites as they will be responsible for allowing the woman to get money. She will not be soliciting the money; the button will allow people to give her money only if these people actually want to give it out to her.

The terms that come with getting the best cam site ready are important and need to be used right. Also, it is imperative to read the cam sites reviews in order to find the <ahref=”http://camsitesreviews.com/cam-sites/” target=”_blank” title=”best cam sites”>best cam websites. One can visit camsitesreviews.com and can look for the best cam sites and check its terms. These are to make sure the right women are to be on a site and that there are no legal or ethical concerns coming out of what’s on a site. There’s also a strong need for all women on a site to be sensible and clean if they are actually going to perform for men in any way or capability.

10 Tips To Attracting Younger Women & Getting Them To Approach You!


“Get a woman to come to you”

Some women will prefer older men and it is a fact. In some cases younger women may prefer older men for financial security but that rarely happens now, considering that women can also make real money on their own in this era. But how do you attract younger women? How will you get them to approach you? These questions are not really mind boggling. With the help of technology, you can start online by checking a particular site for meeting younger women. There might be some adjustments though on how you are going to approach a younger woman, especially if you are old enough to be his father. The range of the gap or difference of age may come as a hindrance and let’s face it, we live in a real world so you might as well get used to it. But you don’t have to fake your age when signing up on a site for meeting younger women, honesty is still the best policy.

You might have different reasons why you wanted to attract a younger woman, which brought you here to read this article. In this article you will be given ten tips on how you can attract younger women. Read on to find out.

1. Show her that she deserves respect


“Give her Respect”

Even if you are checking a site for meeting younger women, they would still prefer a gentle approach. A simple “hello” would be nice. You don’t need to flatter her right away, there’s plenty of time for that later. You can show your interest by saying words of appreciation. This kind gesture alone can get her attention. So, start looking for the best sites for dating younger women here: http://meet-younger-women.com/dating-sites/. You can find legit sugar daddy sites reviews to help you make a choice.

2. Thank your lucky stars

Gratitude works its magic when it comes to love and its magic works the same in attracting younger women. If a man in his 50’s meets a young woman in her 30’s, he would do anything to keep her by his side and will appreciate the good things that she does for him. He knows that he was lucky enough to have a young woman considering his age so he will do anything to keep the relationship going. Show her gratitude. Thanking her, works like magic.

3. Be her refuge in times of despair

Mostly, younger women still has emotional issues going on in their lives that will cause them to become dramatic sometimes. In times like these, a woman would prefer a man who will listen to her, someone who she can rely on. Someone who would prefer to hold her in his arms than judge her. You might encounter a situation where a woman just wants to vent her feelings out, it is best to just listen.

4. She loves gestures of courtesy

This never fails, women are just blown away and loves it when you pull out a chair for her and opens a door for her. You have to be consistent in this gesture if you would like to win her heart. It makes them feel important and special and one day you would be surprise when they return the favor.

5. As the world is changing so is she


“Keep an open mind and accept her changes”

In time there will be changes and you have to deal with it. One thing you can do when this time comes is you can simply keep an open mind. Be careful not to start acting like a father to her, chances are she might start to pull herself away from you. A fine approach would be to support her growing stage. In your part though accepting this change will really help to ease your worries about the changes this may bring to your relationship.

6. Distance yourself from her

As much as you wanted to see her, you must refrain yourself from seeing her. In the early stages of dating this is very important, especially when you are dating a younger woman. Consider your absence as a space for her to think about you. You can ask her out twice or once a week. By doing this you are also giving her the chance or option to ask you out. Plus you are not giving her the impression that you’re desperate for her. When she’s ready you’ll be surprise that your patience paid off.

7. Don’t even think about interfering

A young woman still has her plans and dreams to achieve, the moment you interfere with her personal life she will run away from you and there’s no doubt about it. You are trying to attract a woman and not chase her away so don’t even think about showing up unannounced especially at her work or at her house; she will begin to think that you are one of those creepy types. If you are already dating, don’t let her think that she still has a long way to go by giving her unsolicited advice when it comes to life. Only speak about it when she asked for it.

8. Stretch out your patience

Okay, so you like her and you want to give the world to her. But forcing your way to her will not do you any good at all. Don’t let your time and effort go to waste by making the wrong move. You’ve already come this far with her and there’s nothing wrong with stretching your patience even for a little. Timing is everything and so don’t try to make a move too early, she will only think of you as a pervert. Taking it slow is still the best option in this case.

9. Lead the way for her


“You take the lead as she is inexperienced”

It would seem awkward if the younger woman would lead the relationship. So lead the way for her and make use of your experience. Women would prefer older men because they are more mature and already knows how to handle a relationship. So take charge and if ever you make some rules, it is also best to involve her in it. She will appreciate the thought that you want her to be a part in every decision that you make.

10. Be generous to her

The act of generosity is always a good thing. But be careful not to spoil her though and be sure if ever you do want to spoil her, you must have lots of money in your bank account. Women who date older guys will be lying if this thought did not cross their mind. However this only applies to considerably small amount of women. I’m just saying that money plays a role in this type of relationship. This may be true in the early stage of the relationship but women in time will show their gratitude as well.

A particular site for meeting younger women is a good place to start if you want to attract one. The good thing about sites for meeting younger women is that they are expecting older men to visit their profile. Younger Women may have their youth as an advantage to older women but that does not change the fact that they are still a woman. How you attract women will not be based on their age at all.

Habits That Will Never Get You Laid

“If you are not getting laid, it’s time to change your habits”

“If you are not getting laid, it’s time to change your habits”

There are a lot of things that guys do that end up pissing girls off without us realizing it. It’s not exactly hard, or so you’ve probably found, and sex dating sites rarely bring it up. Still, it’s best to figure out what is really ticking your new hookup off and making her not stay beyond that first time, or what’s making it impossible for you to get laid in the first place. Narrow that kind of stuff down, eliminate it from your mannerisms, and you’ll have much better luck with all the girls in your area. Before you know it, they’ll be jumping into bed with you. If you still single and pining to get laid, check the top websites for hooking up and Read Our Reviews of The Best Hookup Sites: Avoid Dating Scams. Try casual sex hookup dating to get laid fast.

Coming On Way Too Strong

“Treating her bad, will not get you laid”

“Treating her bad, will not get you laid”

The problem with a lot of people is that when they don’t have success, they either back off, or they come on even stronger than ever before. Unfortunately, you might have the habit of being way too touchy-feely with a woman way too soon, or just being excessively flirty. This doesn’t turn a girl on. It pisses her off, and will make her want to leave wherever she is just to get away from you. Obviously, that’s the opposite of what you want, because you want her at home with you and in your bed!

To keep from coming on too strong, you should do a few different things. First, if you’re interested in a girl, compliment something about her (no, not her ass or her tits, that’s obnoxious) and see how she responds. If she brushes it off, then she’s just not into you. If she laughs and thanks you, you can keep going. Get to know her more, and see if you two have similar interests. Only then can you start doing some strategic hand placement. Again, not on her ass or tits; that’s not going to get you anywhere but a jail cell. Any good sex dating site is going to tell you that the best way to a woman’s heart is to be funny, and find some common ground, so get on that, and stop being obnoxious and all over her from the get-go. It’s not going to do you any favors when it comes to getting her into your bed.

Being A Little…Too Honest

“Being too honest can also get you in trouble”

“Being too honest can also get you in trouble”

Honesty is the best policy. There’s absolutely no doubt about that, especially in casual hookups. That being said, if you have a habit of being a loudmouth that blurts out a lot of inappropriate things about yourself (or most commonly, your bodily functions), that’s going to be a really big turn-off for a lady that you’re trying to woo. Don’t be a slob. A woman wants a classy gentleman (at least in public), so try to keep that persona up and running at least until you get behind a closed door.

If you find it hard to bite your tongue and you think it’s difficult to not comment on every little thing, then all we can recommend for you is that you practice. Just learn some self-control and don’t sit there and talk about how her style is all out of whack. She doesn’t need to know that you don’t fancy her earrings. She doesn’t need to know that you think she’d look better as a redhead. Seriously, you’re trying to get her in bed; compliment her rather than knock her down. On the flipside, don’t be too forward and tell her that you want to bone her right off. That’s not going to turn her on; that’s just going to be awkward and put her off immediately!

Smoking Cigarettes

“Women hate men who smoke”

“Women hate men who smoke”

Believe it or not, this isn’t the 70s. Women really aren’t that turned on by guys that smoke, unless you’re going after the rocker chick type, and even those girls tend to be green vegan hipsters these days. Smoking is an unhealthy habit that you should really try to break, because most restaurants aren’t going to let you smoke in them nowadays, anyway. A lot of women are also put off by the smell of it, and you’d be surprised at how many women actually have allergies to this kind of thing!

Plus, there are a few things about smoking that you may not be considering. Not only does it give you bad breath, but there’s a gross aftertaste that comes with it, she’ll have that on her lips when she kisses you. If you don’t want to taste it, then why should you make her taste it? More than that–there’s another taste to keep in mind. If she’s going to give you head, she’s not going to want to if you’re a smoker. Smoking is proven to make semen taste gross, and why would you want to miss out on that aspect of fun just because you need to smoke a pack daily? These are the facts that a lot of sex dating sites leave out!

Forgetting That Deodorant

“Always use a deodorant to smell good”

“Always use a deodorant to smell good”

This is just a personal hygiene thing that you should be over by now. Even the most basic ideas that come off of sex dating sites include that you should always shower before your hookup, and definitely throw on that deodorant to keep smelling fresh. Some women really might be into the smell of a hot, sweaty man, but you can’t guarantee that the woman you’re after is into that. If you want to guarantee a hookup for the night, the best bet is to smell clean, fresh, and dab a bit of cologne on as well. You don’t need to smell like roses, but at least smell clean!

Honestly, this tip goes for all aspects of cleaning up. You want to have a neatly trimmed beard if you’ve got one, at least make an effort to keep the rest of your appearance far from rumpled. No woman is going to want to be seen with a dude that looks like he rolled out of bed and went to the bar. That kind of guy is usually a drunkard. Not sexy!

“Your fragrance will make her fall for you”

“Your fragrance will make her fall for you”

Along those same lines…if you’ve got pets, make sure you don’t smell like them. There are a lot of stories about crazy cat ladies, but dudes can be just as bad. Don’t show up to dinner smelling like your beloved Labrador retriever, or like the fish tank you were cleaning up earlier that day. It’s not sexy at all and it’s mostly going to make her turn up her nose and scoot far away from you. If she doesn’t want to bury her face into your neck, you’re really not going to get anywhere with her.

Most women aren’t going to nag you to death on the night of your hookup, but there are at least a few things you should keep in mind. This is just a shortlist, and there are probably a million things out there that can really annoy a girl, but keep these in particular in mind if you want to please her. Women really aren’t that complicated; if you look nice, act nice, and smell nice, there’s a pretty good chance she’s going to let you in bed with her!

7 Warning Signs That Mean Your Man Might Be Having An Affair

“Signs that he is having an affair”

“Signs that he is having an affair”

When you met the man of your dreams you thought you have finally found your fairy tale ending. However, your love and relationship with your husband or boyfriend does not just end in “happily ever after”. A lot of things that you didn’t expect could happen. It doesn’t matter if you two are still exclusively dating or married. It’s a fact that your partner will definitely meet someone who is better, prettier, younger and smarter than you. Or maybe, they just fill that certain “need” that they are expecting to get from you. The problem comes when he decides to check out other pastures and decides to jump on the “greener side”.
The temptations of an affair can happen anywhere. Your husband or boyfriend can meet someone at the office, gym, bar, park, clubs etc. He can even have an affair online. There are already a lot of affair websites in the cyber world where you do not have to worry about strings attached. Online affairs are trickier. It’s more discreet and the chances of being caught are very slim. If you want to know more about the best affair dating sites, visit affairdatingguide.com. These affair websites are best in the business and this kind of dating niche makes it easier for people to meet someone for a hookup. However, there are affair websites that are run by private investigators to help suspecting wives or girlfriends (or even husbands and boyfriends) catch their partner in the act of infidelity.
In an article from truthaboutdeception.com, about 30% to 60% couples in the United States will enter in third party relationships and suffer from the complications of infidelity (Buss and Shackelford). Most married couples end in divorce and broken families as final results of their hidden affairs.
There are many underlying factors why your partner cheats. There could be a problem in your relationship that the two of you just shrug off and refuse to talk about. It can lead to emotional disconnection. Because of this, your partner will seek emotional appreciation from another woman. Believe it or not, only 8 percent of men said that they cheat because they are sexually dissatisfied, according to Jessica Ramirez, author of “The Truth About Cheating, Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It” (in an interview with Newsweek).

 “He keeps himself away from you”

“He keeps himself away from you”

Even if you know your partner from the inside and out, there are still some things that he is capable of doing. However, it may not be a forever thing. Sometimes biting the lure of an affair could just be a lapse of judgment. There is always room for forgiveness but it’s another thing if it has become a cycle.
Don’t just turn a blind eye when you suspect your partner of cheating. Here are 7 warning signs to help you pinpoint extramarital affairs that your man is getting into:

He’s More Concerned About His Looks than the Usual

Before, your husband wears the same clothes from the time he wakes up until the time he sleeps. He lets the stubble on his face grow into a beard and it goes on for weeks. But suddenly you notice that there are changes in his hygiene routine. He spends more time in the bathroom, puts on perfume and cleans his face. You also notice that after he cleans up he always leaves for somewhere. Most often, your partner is tidying for another woman. You have already seen him at his worst so he thinks he doesn’t have to be at his best self for you.

He Suddenly Puts Passwords on Everything

He didn’t do this before but now you are surprised when you open his laptop or cell phone and its demands for a password. When you pass from behind him while he’s on his laptop he closes it even before you have the chance to take a glimpse. Basically, he has become more private unlike before where the two of you can be very open to each other. This is an obvious sign of cheating. You may have tried talking about it with your husband but it just ended in a fight and a cold shoulder. If your husband remains loyal to you, then he shouldn’t have anything to hide (and go to great lengths just to do it).

He’s Not There Most of the Time

“She keeps waiting, but he never shows up”

“She keeps waiting, but he never shows up”

The two of you used to spend the night and weekends with your kids or go on dates. But now he usually says that he has to go out on a “business dinner” or has to go overtime at work. You also notice that these “business dinners” are happening quite often. For some men, they know better. Sometimes husbands or boyfriends are itching to go out. Did you seriously think they’d just stop on flirting at these affair websites?
They will gladly go and buy the grocery or buy the ingredients you need for baking. They already know that their wives or girlfriends will suspect them of cheating if they go out too often at night. What some men do is that they will leave for their work very early in the morning. You may innocently think that he just wants to go out for a morning jog. But when you ask him if he can go with you, he gets irrationally angry or changes the subject. Basically the two of you spend far less time together unlike before.

The Relationship Has Gone Cold

“The passion has fizzled out”

“The passion has fizzled out”

Your husband never missed a year where he gives you a bouquet of roses for your anniversary. Every birthday, Valentines Day and other special occasions he makes you feel like a princess and he always makes sure you felt loved. He never missed a day telling you he loves you. But gradually you notice he has stopped doing those things. He has become passive and does not pay attention when you do things together. When the two of you have sex you just don’t feel any emotional connection with him. He’s not anymore making an effort to make you feel special.

He Spend a Lot of Time Online

“He’s always online and don’t give you much attention”

“He’s always online and don’t give you much attention”

This is especially true if your partner is having an affair online. Your husband could be scouring different affair websites and looking for a hookup. He refuses to let you take a peek at whatever it is he is doing. Online affairs are more difficult to confirm. When you look at him typing at his laptop he can easily tell you that he is working on something. The paranoia can be unmerciful and won’t let you sleep at night. Try to keep the communication open. Ask him what he usually does that he spends a lot of time every day on his laptop. There are also times he goes somewhere private to answer calls. If he gets angry and refuses to talk about it, then that could be a clear sign that he’s cheating.

He Immediately Hides Traces of Expenses

He is usually the first one to grab the bills and even volunteers to pay for them. If he could wrestle with the mailman for the bills before it reaches your house, he would. You also notice that he acts really suspicious when the two of you talk about expenses, phone bills and credit card charges. Most probably he doesn’t want to let you know about the very high amount of expenses that he has accumulated when he spent time with this mistress.

Your Intuition is Probably Right

This is why it’s better that you spent many years as boyfriend- girlfriend before the two of you decided to marry. You will get to know your husband more and you will easily notice things that he usually doesn’t do. This will also strengthen your intuition for any signs of infidelity, whether he’s using affair websites or not. Just remember: you should put a boundary between intuition and paranoia.

Infidelity is definitely devastating for any relationship. Watch out for these signs. When you do confirm your suspicions of infidelity, immediately do something about it. Save yourself from years of heartache and misery.

7 Signs The Guy You Met On A Classified Personals Site Is Into You


“He waits for you to come online”

So, you have met a guy on classified personals who seems pretty good and has an impressive profile too? But you might not be sure whether he likes you or is interested in your profile. Don’t worry! It’s time that you begin to look for some signs to understand whether he is interested in you or not. Pay close attention to what he says while he is communicating with you. It would help you discover that he is into you or not. In fact, there are 7 signs that are enough to reduce your uncertainty and make you confident that he genuinely attracted to youis and now you can take your relationship to the next level.

1. He is always eager to initiate the conversation:


“He comes up with the best conversation starters”

If your guy is already online before you sign up into your instant messenger on classified personals and pops a “Hi” or “Hello” message as soon as you come online, then it must ring a bell that he is eager to talk with you. If the guy always starts the conversation, you should understand that he is eager to talk with you whenever he gets a chance. But make sure that you don’t wait always to make him initiate a conversation as the situation can turn bad sometimes and it can make him upset too. But if he pings a message as soon as he finds you online, then it is a definite sign.

2. He tries to build up the conversation:

After the initial formal greetings, does he shoot what’s up or how is it going etc.? Yes! Then there is no doubt that he is willing to converse with you and he wants the conversation to last much longer. He might ask you how your day was, tell you about an incident that he had experienced or about a movie or recent news. If he goes on talking with you one after another, you must realize that he does not want to sign out of the chat of classified personals. Thus, you should keep up with the tempo of his flow of conversation and try to pay attention to what he says so that he can comprehend that you are enthusiastic on talking with him, as well. Being unresponsive or replying with a one word answer can convey the wrong message. So don’t play the incorrect chords!

3. He shows interest in knowing more about you:


“He wants to know more about you”

Does he try to know more about you, your family or friends after a few days of conversation on the online site? If yes, then just be assured that he is keen on knowing everything about you. He might even dig deeper into your likes or dislikes, your favorite things and other aspects that are not too personal ones. This is also a sure sign that would scream aloud that this guy is definitely into you because men don’t waste time to know about the details of a woman whom they don’t like.

4. He is super excited when he talks to you:

It is not that all men would be eager to chat with the females they have found on the classified personals. Men are usually picky when it comes to choosing women especially on the best dating personal site. There are many classified personal ads on dating sites, but men like to choose from the best classifieds dating sites. They are mostly interested in sex dating sites to find a potential partner to satisfy their needs. But, they are shy and have issues with expressing their desires in front of women. And even if they begin a conversation they are not so excited and will not show any emotion very easily. That is why if you have found a guy who always sends you messages with smiley or emoticons to express his enthusiasm, then you should not doubt about his emotions and feelings. He would also make you so happy with his exciting ways that you will begin to look forward to his online conversations. It might look flirty at the beginning but later it will help you understand that he is truly into you. Also when you say that you are signing off, he might express his sadness with “oh ….. Ok” or “K… bye”. If such things happen, then be positive that he wants you to stay a little longer.

5. He tries to make you giggle:


“He always tries to make you laugh”s

Women usually love the male with excellent sense of humor and men prefer to keep the girl always smiling if she is the one they care for. If he is teasing you or pulling your leg in a harmless way which makes you to giggle or burst out into laughter, that means he really likes you and is looking forward to make you happy and interested in him. He would try to show off his humor sense by cracking up some funny jokes he came across or tell you how foolish he acted in a situation. He might try to do this especially when you are upset with something or in a bad mood due to some other reason. Thus, he wants to make you smile and reduce the tension of yours. You will of course have some inhibitions as well as fear at the beginning while you are speaking with him. But all these good gestures of him will make you feel comfortable and as a result, you can shed all your shyness gradually.

6. Provides personal information about him:

If your guy offers information about him without you asking for it, tells you about his likes and dislikes, his friends circle, his family and other details, then it is certain that he wants you to know about him. This will also help you comprehend that the guy you have met on classified personals website is sincere and his feeling towards you are genuine and wants to tell you all the things about himself. He might try to introduce you to some of his friends through online messaging and through their conversation you can easily know whether these friends are aware of you or not. Do they already know about you? Hey, it’s very good news! That means he always thinks about you and he has talked to his buddies about you. This also means he wants to show you to his friends to make them believe whatever he is saying about you are true!

7. He shows his concerns for you:

The last but the most important sign that he is attracted to you is that he is always on toes in expressing his concerns when something is wrong on your side, if you are not well or if you are having any difficulty. Moreover, he would come forward to offer the much needed help even if you haven’t asked him. In such situations, it is just needless to say that he wants you to be alright and also he cares for you a lot. If your guy is ready to help you out in every way, you can be sure that he is extremely keen on taking this relationship from classified personals website to the next level.

Though finding your Mr. Right on a dating personals website is not that easy task, sometimes fairy dust would shower upon you and consequently you will meet the man of your life. If the guy you have recently met with, shows more than half of these signs then it’s time to think about it seriously. Shed your fear and inhibitions and feel free while talking with him and try to understand him better in order that you reciprocate his feelings. In this way, he will also realize that you are interested in him and you want to have him in your life.

Kindle Vs Nook: Which One Is Better?

Kindle or Nook? That’s the question everyone is asking each other nowadays after deciding to buy an e-reader. The first Kindle was introduced in late 2007 but e-readers have changed over these years. They have smaller, lighter, faster and thankfully cheaper. The physicals keyboards are a thing of the past now. E-readers are basically for those who are voracious readers and subscribed to The Wall Street Journal. But since more are confused between the Amazon’s Kindle and the Barnes and Nobles’s (henceforth B&N) e-readers, we present an in-depth comparison to help you choose between the two.

1) Hardware and display

Amazon and B&N have different classes of e-readers with the latter having a backlit display. There are two varieties of Kindle – $79 comes with a charger only while the $99 variety has a charger and an ad-free screen saver. On the other hand, Nook costs $99 and it comes with a charger and a screen-saver that does not show ads. Both these e-readers have a 6-inch display with a grayscale contrast that can be adjusted over 16 levels. The text size can also be adjusted. However, the display on Nook has low response. There is a 3.5 inch color screen with Nook that is used to highlight text and for browsing through the internal library. The page can be turned by controlling the arrow keys on the side of the device. In terms of hardware, the Nook has a distinct advantage over Kindle because of its color screen.

2) Content

With Kindle you can access more than 360,000 e-books and newspapers which can be downloaded from Amazon.com. The Nook, on the other hand, has access to more than 500,000 free e-books that can be downloaded from BN.com. Many other magazines and e-book titles can be purchased from the website – BN.com. The e-books are less expensive on Kindle than on Nook.

Kindle vs. Nook

Kindle vs. Nook

3) Connectivity

The 3G version of the Kindle used the Sprint network to connect to the Amazon.com for downloading content. The Nook uses the AT&T network but it also has options for WiFi connectivity and free WiFi in Barnes and Nobles stores.

4) Borrowing

There is a special feature on the Nook called LendMe by which the e-books can be shared for a period of 14 days. However, this e-book can only be lent once and not all books are available for lent. Again only about 25% of the current bestsellers are available for rent which is a serious drawback. Kindle, on the other hand, does not have any lending features.

Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy?

Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy?

5) Audio

The Kindle has a text-to-speech feature and it also supports audio books. There are speakers in both the devices and there is also a headphone jack for listening to MP3s.

6) Battery Life

The Kindle boasts of a 30 days battery life while the Nook can only be used for 10 days on a single charge.

7) Price

The starting price of a Kindle is around $79 and the highest priced model is the Kindle DX which is available for $379. The Nook, on the other hand, starts at $99 and the 16GB tablet costs $249.

There are some advantages of Nook over Kindle in terms of hardware but the latter is still considered a better machine and a good buy. It is faster and thinner and is very to figure the whole thing out.

The Date Superhighway

I would almost guarantee you know at least one person, if not more, who met someone online they were romantically interested in. These days, dating online is easier than faking confidence and being shot down at the bar or risking life and limb by hitting up some stranger at the grocery store who may or may not have a very large hairy spouse. There are many reasons why you should start utilizing the Internet for your romantic endeavors.

Statistical Law

It’s easy to see why a person would be more likely to find a mate online on a dating site. The mathematical statistic is that when two people are looking for the same thing, they are more likely to form a relationship. If you think you’re going to find the next big thing at Church, it’s possible, but then again, they may be coming strictly for another reason and not want to bother with you. Think that chick at the pub is hot? Yeah, so does her boyfriend back home. She’s come to have a girls night out that does not include you.

Plenty of Fish

There are infinitely more available single people online in one area than in any place you can go physically. They will list their best attributes; they more often than not will list a bio, a good photograph and what they are looking for. You have the ability to pick at choose at your discretion. It’s totally up to you.

Study Confirms What We Already Knew: Online Dating Is The Cool Thing To Do

Study Confirms What We Already Knew: Online Dating Is The Cool Thing To Do


In the online world, anonymity is your friend. Just because some person finds you attractive and wants to talk to you doesn’t mean you have to. If you are not interested, you can just as easily ignore the person as you can respond and say “Thank you but I’m not interested.” You don’t have to post a picture or your location, but you must put something in the picture location and put the roundabout location of your residence. If nothing else it helps others narrow their own searches.

In Your Own Time

So many people nowadays just find it impossible to carve out the time to really get to know each other by finding them, then going on a date and so on and so forth. It’s a time consuming process. With today’s stressful and demanding jobs, so many of us just don’t have the time. With online dating, you make your own time. You can literally start the dating process from your own home, or work, or wherever you are with an Internet connection.


Friendship First

Friendship First

Friendship First

 Another benefit of online dating is that you can easily first start conversing online. You can get to know the person better before setting up a face to face rendezvous. You might find out right away that this person is not right for you and therefore save yourself that uncomfortable silence or final goodbye on a date. That said, if you are conversing with several people, this might be the way you can start narrowing who is really the person or persons that you want to get to know even better.

It’s so well known nowadays that many relationships and even marriages start online. They have dating websites for people of all walks of life so it makes it easier for you to look for people of like interests. There’s no giving the excuses that you don’t have the time, or you don’t know where to look. It’s time to let the World Wide Web start working for you and start online dating today.

5 Interesting Myths About Organic Food

Organic foods are a group of foods that have a lot of myths that surround them. Interestingly, several individuals have hesitated to purchase the organic foods, a behavior that is attributed to lack of real clarifications about the myths. Before making any comment and decision about organic foods, it is essential to determine the facts that underlie the organic food because failure to do so will definitely make us lose a lot in the event of trying to enhance our health. Here are 5 common myths that you won’t miss to hear in any discussion about organic food.

1. That the word ‘organic’ is a marketing phrase

This myth has misled several individuals that organic foods never exist and that even those foods that are named organic are not genuine. Indeed, organic food do exist and if you seek to get organic food substances, let your effort live. There are regulations that govern the production of organic food substances. The regulations include those that govern the growing conditions, the composition of soil, and the general care of the food stuff. The bottom line is that there are genuine organic foods in the market.

2. That organic means 100% organic

Healthy Range of Organic Foods

Healthy Range of Organic Foods

Organic simply means 95% or more of the components are organic. Basically there are various criteria of organic labels. Different products have different sets of the organic standards and therefore it is wrong to generalize that an organic food should be produced from ingredients that are 100%organic. There are different criteria that are used to rate food and even if their ingredients are not 100% organic, that does not mean that they are inorganic.

3. That organic food is healthier

Most Of Us Prefer to Eat Organic Food: Thomson Reuters Survey

Most Of Us Prefer to Eat Organic Food: Thomson Reuters Survey

Yes they are but you need not overdo it. It is not safe to dwell entirely on organic foods thinking it will help your attain your health goals. Some individuals have been misled that organic food will help in evading health disorders like heath attacks and stroke. It should be remembered that while you strive to fix one issue, you should not forget to overdo it at the expense of your entire health. Always practice diversification on what you eat.

4. Organic food are costly

The fact that they are safe does not mean that they should be made hard to get. The most fascinating fact about organic food is that they are locally obtained and therefore most of them are obtained for free. Moreover, processed foods are made without the use of expensive ingredients, so don’t be surprised to get the organic foodstuff at unbelievable prices. In addition, most organic food is seasonal and therefore you need not spend billions to stock them. They are produced regularly and therefore there is no risk of shortages. Just buy small portions that can sustain you. Once the stock is exhausted, get to your local dealer to add more.

5. Organic food tastes bad

Research studies and consumer reviews reveal that organic foods are ranked highly on flavor charts. This is attributed to the manner in which the food is raised, harvested, processed and stored. They have better flavor as compared to most inorganic counterparts.

How To Increase Your Credit Score

Bad credit has plagued most of us at one point of our lives, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. There are still ways for you to fix that, but be warned: It’s not going to be a quick walk in the park. This requires a lot of patience but once you were able to do all the necessary things to repair your low credit score, it’s all going to be worth it. Keep on reading to find out what these tips are.

Gather all your data

Begin by getting hold of your credit report. Getting a free copy is easy, and once you have it, do a thorough review by checking for errors. This would include incorrect late payments and the total money owed. All the information that’s in there are the ones used for your score’s computation. If you see any irregularities, make sure you report it to the credit bureau.

Start Paying up

You can hardly expect your credit score to change if you don’t make a move of lowering the amount you owe, right? The truth is, this is the hardest part, but once you start paying up and see that the amount is being reduced, no matter how slow, you’re going to feel better about yourself.

Understanding Your Credit Score

Understanding Your Credit Score


Stop using your credit cards for the time being

Easier said than done. But you gotta do what you gotta do, and if you can survive without your credit card for a few months, then your expenditures are also going to be greatly reduced. It’s something that all of us think that isn’t doable, but once you get rid of all the unnecessary expenses, you just might realize that going through days and weeks and even months without your credit card may be one of the best things that could have happened to you.

Don’t miss a payment and don’t be late

Don’t let it be sent to the collections department, as it stays on your credit report for seven long years. Don’t even risk it. If you’re having a hard time meeting the deadline and you’re really struggling to make ends meet, get in touch with your credit card company to know what your options are. You may also ask for help from credit counselors, as this won’t put a dent whatsoever to your FICO score.

The International Risk Partnership (IRP)

The International Risk Partnership (IRP)

Bad credit doesn’t go away. A good credit history can only be achieved if you do the necessary repairs. Make sure that you stay within the guidelines, and that would usually take a lot of discipline and patience on your part. Manage your debt responsibly and you will see its gradual improvement in the long run. Never give up!

Be Ready To Be Fired From Your Job

The last thing you want is to be fired from your job and not be prepared for it, especially when you’re in the middle of a mortgage or a lifestyle for which you simply can’t sustain without at least the level of pay you are currently getting. And in today’s economic downturn, you may have to lower your job expectation when looking for a new job. It pays to be prepared. When you see some indication from your boss, officemates, and the general direction of the business that you may not be needed soon, it’s time to get your resume ready and start sending feelers to headhunters, preferably months before getting separated from the company. Consider yourself lucky to be called in for a few job interviews while still employed. But before getting there here are five telltale signs that you could be next to be axed.

1) The business is going down, and you’re just 2-3 years on the job

In most retrenchment programs, the first to go are often the last ones in, after the oldies have taken their voluntary separation packages. If you are among the most recent batches of new hires in your department, get ready to be in the retrenchment list that could be sent out right after the CEO makes a dire loss forecast in a shareholder’s meeting.

You're Fired

You’re Fired

2) You’re not getting any new projects

When you see your peers getting assigned to new projects and you are not getting any, it’s a red flag. Assess yourself. If you had not done well or have displeased your peers or management in your last assignments, your boss may already be considering getting you replaced. You could confront your boss and if the boss says he or she has no time, or dismisses your observation as something you should lodge with the HR group, start sending your resume to headhunters.

3) You’re asked to take a long vacation

If it’s not the end of the fiscal year when most of your peers take a vacation as per holiday policy, or if it isn’t a pat on the back after several weeks of punishing overtime work, any advice from your boss to take a vacation is a clear hint you are no longer needed. Bosses assume their subordinates can take a hint and you should start sending your resume to headhunters. Don’t wait for the boss to schedule a face to face the-company-regrets-losing-you-but-you-have-to-go meeting before doing anything.

4) Bad performance review

A performance review can be your ticket to a healthy career growth or a hint that you should ship out. A review that falls short of the standard or even marked as borderline can bring your boss breathing down on your neck at every turn, put you on probation anew, or simply assign tasks that can be difficult to accomplish so you can take the hint that the company has lost interest in you. The boss may say the company is putting you through a program to further develop your skills but this is often just a ruse to drop the hint that your resignation would be most welcome at this point or else.

5) Under new management

You may have been a star employee, but let there be no mistake than any new management takeover usually looks to holdovers as the cause of past performance lapses that precipitated the need for new blood. Perhaps the new management will be more compassionate and understanding, but don’t bet on it. Get your resume ready as soon as the boss bids his farewell to you and the staff. Always expect for the worst.

New management

New management

You lose nothing updating your resume regularly so that it can be readily sent to headhunters at a moment’s notice. Remember the time you were last looking for a job and unless you’re an executive, it can take weeks for HR to process your employment. Hopefully, the five signs above that you are on the way out of your present work should give you enough time to be on your toes to make the transition to a new job.